Following Spain’s win of Euro 2008, at least one man is celebrating with no end in sight; a William Hill client who walked away from the tournament with £315,000 extra in his hands. The Hampshire based businessman bet £50,000 on Spain winning the tournament, with the odds at 11/2, as well as placed a match bet for £55,000 for Spain beating Russia in one of the opening games for Euro 2008. The match bet alone earned him an extra £40,000 while the original bet made him a richer man- winning £275,000 in one fell swoop. Graham Sharpe commented on the surprise tournament outcome: “Spain are a pain as far as bookies are concerned – their triumph has cost the industry millions and this gentleman’s haul is the topping on the paella. All William Hill staff are banned from holidaying in Spain for the forseeable future!” The winner’s Roxy Palace was not the only large bet. A gentleman from Bedfordshire wagered £40,000 on Germany winning the final, and a third had £20,000 for Germany taking the whole tournament. Following the large payout, William Hill have updated their odds for Spain taking the World Cup to 13/2, making them third favourites. Brazil and Argentina are currently the top jont favourites, with odds at 5/1 for the World Cup, while they’re 28/1 to win the World Cup and Euro 2012. William Hill also has Fernando Torres at odds of 4/1 that he’ll earn top scorer for the Premier League next season.

Betting Odds for Euro 2008; provided by Bet 365

Our favourite time of year has come around again, and we begin our preparation of celebration with the best odds for Euro 2008, as given by the number one British online bookmaker Bet 365. We’ll give a bit of a spoiler in saying that as of now, Germany is holding the Favourite position for the Euro 2008 trophy with odds at 7/2. The German team is being chased closely by Spain, with odds at 11/2 to win Euro 2008. Close behind are Italy with odds 7/1, Portugal at 15/2 and then with longer Betting Exchanges odds, France with 9/1. If you’re ready, go ahead and place your bets now, when the favourite to win would result in your money back three times over.

The following is the odds list for Euro 2008 to Win:

• Germany 7/2

• Spain 11/2

• Italy 7/1

• Portugal 15/2

• France 9/1

• Holland 12/1

• Croatia 14/1

• Czech Republic 20/1

• Switzerland 25/1

• Greece 25/1

• Russia 28/1

• Sweden 33/1

• Turkey 40/1

• Poland 40/1

• Romania 40/1

• Austria 100/1

That’s not to say that these are your only options on betting in the Euro 2008 tournament. Betting on who will win outright is only once choice. Group betting, you’ll notice, is quickly rising in popularity throughout Europe. In order to qualify into each of the four groups are as follows (provided by Bet 365):

• Group A- Czech Republic, Switzerland, Turkey and Portugal. The top two teams for making it into the Euro 2008 quarterfinals are the Czech Republic ad Portugal. Bookmaker Bet 365 lists Portugal’s odds at 1/3 to move forward and the Czech Republic’s are next with odds of 4/6. Switzerland is not far behind with odds of 6/5 to qualify for the quarterfinals Euro 2008, and Turkey holds the underdog position for the Group at 2/1 odds. Within Group A, the top favourite predictions stand at Portugal (1st), Czech Republic (2nd) at 4/1; Portugal (1st), Switzerland (2nd) at 11/2; Portugal (1st), Turkey (2nd) at 7/1; and finally Czech Republic (1st), Portugal (2nd) at 5/1 odds.

• Group B- Poland, Germany, Croatia, and Austria. The top two teams in Group B are positions held by Germany and Croatia. Bet 365 lists the odds for Germany to move forward in Euro 2008 as 1/8 and Croatia is not far behind with betting odds of 4/9. Poland’s odds to get to the Euro 2008 Quarterfinals are listed as 7/4, while Group B’s obvious underdog is Austria with odds at 9/2. The forecast list for the top two in Group B are as follows: Germany (1st), Croatia (2nd) at 15/8 odds; Germany (1st), Poland (2nd) at 7/2 odds; Germany (1st), Austria (2nd) at 8/1 odds; and then Croatia (1st), Germany (2nd) at 4/1 odds.

• Group C- Romania, France, Holland and Italy. Group C has been nicknamed the Group of Death for group betting in the Euro 2008 tournament, as you will see why when the odds are given. Notwithstanding, the favourites of Group C are Italy and France. The odds that Italy will be one of the top two teams are 2/5, while the odds on France to hold a place are 8/15. Holland’s odds to get into the quarterfinals are not too far off at 4/5, while Romania is the clear underdog with the long chances of moving forward with odds at 7/2. The Euro 2008 forecast betting for Group C: Italy (1st), France (2nd) at 9/2; Italy (1st), Holland (2nd) at 11/2; Italy (1st), Romania (2nd) 12/1; and finally France (1st), Italy (2nd) at 5/1 odds.

• Group D contenders are Sweden, Greece, Spain and Russia. Group D favourites are Spain and Greece to reach the quarterfinals with the betting odds at 1/5 for Spain, and 11/8 for Greece. Sweden’s chances are rated at 11/8 to place at the quarterfinals, and Russia picks up the other end as the underdog at 6/5 odds to move forward. The betting group favourites for top two are as follows: Spain (1st), Greece (2nd) with odds at 9/2; Spain (1st), Sweden (2nd) with odds at 9/2; Spain (1st), Russia (2nd) with odds at 4/1; and lastly, Greece (1st), Spain (2nd) with odds at 8/1.

We’ve forwarded these Group Betting Odds and To Win odds on to you as the most popular bets for the Euro 2008 tournament, but that is not to say that they are the only choices. Of course, there are literally hundereds of betting options you can take advantage of. One of the most popular is the leading goal scorer. The favourite for this wager is Cristiano Ronaldo of Portugal with odds of 8/1, followed closely by Luca Toni of Italy at 9/1. Germany’s Miroslav Klose also enjoys 9/1 odds, as does Spain’s Fernando Torres. One of the other hot bets for this years Euro 2008 tournament is who will compete in the final game. Countries Spain & Germany are at the top of the list with odds of 10/1; or Germany and Italy also with 10/1 odds. Germany and France are close behind with odds of 12/1 and Germany and Holland stand at 16/1. Make sure you check out Bet 365 soon to follow up on these odds, and take advantage of their £200 sign-up bonus.