Laura Robson

Laura Robson’s not missing any show of support, in fact one bookmaker has reported they’re receiving no less than a “stampede” of punters placing bets on behalf of the new Wimbledon Champion. William Hill have cut back their offers on her wins in the next few years dramatically back, as was needed following her three-set triumph in SW19. They’re down from 20’s to 10/1 odds that Robson will win the singles title in the ladies’ division for SW19, before the end of year 2020. Graham Sharpe, speaking on behalf of the leading bookmaker, William Hill, said, “We’ve haven’t seen a stampede to back a young sports person to succeed like this ever before. We started off by quoting Laura at 50/1 to win Wimbledon but have had to slash those odds to 10/1 now. If she does manage to win Wimbledon in or before 2020 bookies will have to pay out millions.” Not such great news for the bookies, but incredible for the scores of individuals who took them up on the bet when it was so high. But William Hill is not the only one taking cautious action in regards to Robson’s Football4Profit play. Sky Bet is standing at 14/1 chances that Robson will, at some point in her career, win the Wimbledon title in the singles division. Ladbrokes, in turn, has slashed their number down to 5/1. The firm has also quoted 50/1 odds that she will win a gold medal at the Olympics in 2012- staged at the All England Club. Hill goes 25’s on this bet. Hill also has a special that Robson will win the BBC’s Sports Personality of the Year award; they’ve slashed the odds from 100/1 down to 10/1. The Magic Sign have dropped their odds from 50’s (they’re seriously praying none of those bets pay out) down to 6/1 odds that by the time Dobson is 26 years old, she will have won the ladies’ singles’ title. Robson stands out not only for her age, but also as the first British winner for the title since Annabel Croft’s victory in 1984. In all, there have only been two winners of the ladies’ title since the inception of the Open.

Amelie Mauresmo

The most recent has been Amelie Mauresmo, who was a junior champion in 1996 and won the senior title in 2006. Before Mauresmo, Martina Hingis won the juniors title in 1994, and followed it up with a seniors win in ’97.


Seems that some of the tipsters were right on the money when recommending James Blake to win at Toronto. Though some of the exact odds were off, such as a 66/1 prediction, Blake kept up through the second quarter, the same as Roger Federer- and backing him each-way was awfully close to coming out just right. Though he was stopped by an enthusiastic Nicolas Kiefer in the quarter-finals, it seems that the lessons we’ve learned through Toronto could prove wise to utilize in Cincinnati’s Master Series. You’ll notice that the “Big Three,” Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer will be the top leads in all the firms, but also that Nadal and Djokovic are in the same half. This truth may make the bottom half look more attractive to punt, and it’s natural to want Federer to come out on the top half, but keep in mind that what was true a year ago may no longer apply. For example, how many accurately could have predicted Gilles Simon taking on Federer in Canada and winning? The Swede played down the loss, and credited the Olympics and the US Open to define his game play this year- but the fact of the matter still remains. That loss puts him at a very high, very likely risk that he’ll lose his World Number One ranking in the near future. Compared to his game play at Wimbledon, it would be a rather embarrassing turn of events, if it comes to happen. For the upcoming event, odds remain at 13/8 the favourite, but you may want to place your bets carefully given all that’s been going on in the game. Currently, it seems as if Nadal is the player to watch out for, and there is a 3/1 offer out there that could be an amazing opportunity. It wouldn’t be impossible for him to continue his winning to 29 matches, and capture the title in Toronto. Though he hasn’t won a North American hard court title since 2005, Toronto could be the start of a new streak for the new Wimbledon champion. It implies that Nadal could be a force in terms of hard court games, an area with which he’s struggled with in the past. That’s not to say that his performance in Canada is a sign of surety to say the least, doubters are supported by the fact that he will have won without facing Djokovic or Federer. But you’d be hard pressed to say that Nadal is not in the best position of his career to take the competitive tennis world by storm. Ohio will hold no challenge for him, and considering he’s not lost since April, a 3/1 odds opp is rare indeed. On the other front, punters for Djokobic were let down by his loss to Andy Murray in Toronto’s last eight; he seems almost to struggle with dependability- a trait that both Nadal and Federer are doing well with. We’re content that Webpokersite secrets won’t be around with hard court specialist Blake to contend with. Rather, let’s look to the second quarters in search of more profit possibilities- and here we come to Nikolay Davydenko. This player made the 2007 semi-finals in the same event, and though it was in Montreal, it was played on the same Deco Turf II playing surface. Typically speaking, as well, the Russian usually does very well this time of the year. Each of the last two years, he has made it to the US Open Semi-Finals, proving his ability on the hard courts. Miami’s Masters Series he took by easy force this spring, as the clear and inarguable leader of the tournament. This season has seen him in Doha and Dubai for the semis, also on high quality playing fields. It will be admitted that he did lose in a three-set to Kiefer in Toronto, but consider that it was his first hard court match in 15 weeks, and Kiefer’s continuance to the Final. In Cincy, we can look to Richard Gasquet and Murray to provide the biggest challenges, but with 40/1 odds, you can certainly see why we’ll be looking to Davydenko as a possibility.  See WTA and ATP announce for more.